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We struggle with the most effective way to share our mission with you, to put a positive face on the cause we represent. Truth is, it’s not a very pretty face. We can’t show you pictures of children with big, round eyes and soft skin. The faces of our clients show mental illness, skin cancer, abuse, neglect, addiction, hunger and PTSD. These things are hard to look at and easy to turn away from.

By getting involved we have met some wonderful people. Good people with life dominating problems. People who respond well to kindness and, for many of them, being treated humanely can change their lives, help restore self- esteem and worth. We have also learned to accept the homeless just as they are and not be disappointed when they don’t always meet our expectations or respond in ways we think they should.

But, at the end of the day...a very long, hot, day... no matter how they look, or that we don’t understand their behaviors, they are our brothers and sisters, human beings who deserve to eat everyday, to know that we care about them.

While HHN certainly has become a resource for our clients with medical, housing and employment needs, our primary mission is to provide basic sustenance every week to a growing and many other items to help them survive the harshness of homelessness, especially in the desert.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time looking through our website and meeting some of our clients…

You can help... every dollar counts!

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